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The Children Are Watching

The Children Are Watching is a comedy about a traditional Iranian man named Taher and his family, including his four daughters and their spouses, who are all living in the same bui ...

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What’s your favorite series that you’ve watched on iFILM and why?

What’s the main reason that you watch iFILM?
  • I have watched your channel ifilm for the past 2 days and am amazed at what a diiferent persecption about your country. Thank you so much for enlightening me, such a wonderful country and glad am watching.
  • Hello Ifilm, I really like you series and films you broadcast on this channel.watching this channel is a surprise everyday!Keep it up i adore you sososo much. Thanks!
  • Salamun alaikum, I watched some of your films and fascinated by the message in the video clips. Kindly advice me, how can I get your clean footage for transmission on our local television. I am channel manager of an Islamic television in Nigeria. Waiting for your kind response.