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The wife of Tehran’s best brain surgeon has a tumor that’s quickly spreading. she insists he be the one to perform the operation on her. Despite his better judgment, he agrees, but ...

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  • No Pain, No Gain
    03 PM
  • The Killer
    04 PM
  • Cold Fever
    06 PM
  • Shams-ol-Emareh
    07 PM
  • The Silver Man
    08 PM
  • House of Outsiders
    09 PM
  • A Farfetched Dream
    10 PM

From your perspective, what are the ways in which iFilm can keep families more entertained?

Based on your judgment of the four series iFilm runs, who played their character the best?
  • I enjoy your series 'Sweet and Sour', 'Like a Mother'. Now I am watching 'No Pain, No Gain'. Please bring back 'Like a Mother', I missed the last episode, I enjoyed it so much.
  • Thanks for nice series, just the accent of dubbing is awful.
  • How can I reach your files on Iranology? I need them for my researches.