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She wasn't to blame at all

Solving a murder case is not always easy, especially when it’s connected to the honor, dignity and virtue of a family. Major Goodarzi, together with his colleagues investigate two ...

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The program U&i is a bridge between you and iFILM. How well do you think it’s connecting you to the channel and what suggestions do you have to improve it?

How many hours a week do you watch iFILM English?
  • Bravo ifilmtv for the nice movies and comedies that u're showing especially THE SOUND OF RAIN & THE HOUSE WITHOUT A BIRD, u keep me busy and intertained, thanks alot ifilmtv and keep it up.
  • Dear iFilm, thank you so much for fulfilling my request thank you soo much.please please can u upload the episode 34 thank u very much for your quick respond yesterday. regards Betul
  • Salam. I enjoyed your series and movies and shows I have watched so far. Especially, I loved 'The orange suit". It has a great universal message. Well done to the actors, director and scriptwriter.
  • Hi am Charley from Cameroon, i really enjoy the film its very educative , I i learn a lot from it. But i dd not know if i had all the episode , actually how many episode are there in this series?, i have only watched up to the 25th episode .. Please its so sweet i wish it never ends....
  • My family and I enjoyed watching neighbors, Day of envy, Saint Mary, profit Joseph and sweet and sour and journey through Iran. Thank you!
  • Salam ifilm! I'm Noor from Sweden and i'm watching your channel everyday and my favorite series is ''The Sound of Rain'' and ''Neighbors'' Thank you very much for that channel.