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Unbreakable Mirrors
Episode 26

Afshin is chemistry engineer who cannot find a job in Iran, so he is seeking a way to go abroad.

  • Haft-Seen

    It is near the new-year holidays when a tenant of an apartment must vacate and then deliver the apartment to the next tenant...

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  • Episode 4
  • 23:00
  • Green Roads of the North

    An old lady, who is a mother of five, lives with one of her sons in the northern region of Iran.

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  • Episode 17
  • 00:00

The Dowry's Sugar Bowl

Director :

Ata, a young technician with financial difficulties, is suddenly told that the rent for his house is going to triple.

  • Saturday March 25
  • Time :
  • Tehran 02:30
  • GMT 22:00
Breathtaking Nature of Iran’s Lost Paradise

Tang-e Bostanak, located 120 kilometers northwest of the Iranian city of Shiraz in Fars Province, is full of beautiful trees, flowers and waterfalls. Due to the region’s admirable beauties, it is also

Uraman Takht, Iran’s fascinating village

Uraman Takht is a mesmerizing village in Kurdistan Province in western Iran.

Jannat al-Baqi: Muslim world revered graveyard

Jannat al-Baqi is regarded as one of the two most revered graveyards in the Islamic world.