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Leila's Loneliness
Episode 16

Leila’s Loneliness is the story of a girl from a rich family who travels from the US to her ancestral homeland, Iran, and falls in love with Mohammad.

  • The Long Path

    It all starts when a caring and hardworking father can’t earn enough to meet the demands of his children.

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  • Episode 6
  • 09:00
  • Operation 125

    In Operation 125 we meet a group of young men, all from different walks of life, with their own trials and tribulations.

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  • Episode 8
  • 10:00

The Kingdom of Solomon the Prophet

Director : Shahriyar Bahrani

Prophet Solomon, king of Judah and the son of King David, asks God to grant him the ideal kingdom.

  • Saturday October 21
  • Time :
  • Tehran 01:30
  • GMT 22:00
Autumn in Iran’s Golestan Province

Located on the shores of the Caspian Sea, Golestan Province, in northern Iran, boasts eye-catching sceneries during autumn.

Gahar, Iran’s pristine water lake

Gahar Lake is one of the fresh water reservoirs in the Zagros Mountains Loresetan Province.

Iran’s longest sledge piste

‘Tochal Sledge Piste’ is the longest sledge piste in Iran.