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That's not the Way
Episode 12

Fereydoun, a young and very enthusiastic farmer, considers marriage as a limitation, but his uncle and mother have other ideas.

  • Goodbye Child

    Leila and Morteza are a young married couple eager to start a family, but unfortunately they cannot have a child of their own.

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  • Episode 30
  • 20:00
  • Sheikh Bahaee

    The series reviews two different parts of Sheikh Bahaee‎‎'s life and the historical events of his time.

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  • Episode 4
  • 21:00

The Accidental Tombstones

Director :

Karim is an ambitious young man, whose father's grave is next to Saman's father-in-law's grave in a village.

  • Saturday January 28
  • Time :
  • Tehran 01:30
  • GMT 22:00
Breathtaking Nature of Iran’s Lost Paradise

Tang-e Bostanak, located 120 kilometers northwest of the Iranian city of Shiraz in Fars Province, is full of beautiful trees, flowers and waterfalls. Due to the region’s admirable beauties, it is also

Makhmal Mountain: green velvet touch

Makhmal Mountain, which is covered with green velvet lichens, is situated on the eastern entrance of Khorramabad, capital of Lorestan Province, Iran.

Gisom Jungle, heaven in northern Iran

Gisom Jungle is one of the main tourist attractions of Iran’s northern province of Gilan.