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It's All There
Episode 10

Mohsen Qadimi owns a production company which is in danger of being closed due to importing goods from foreign countries.

  • Amir Kabir

    Amir Kabir is the story of one of Iran’s most famous historical figures, and the most famous of Iran’s Qajar dynasty.

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  • Episode 8
  • 21:00
  • Unbreakable Mirrors

    Afshin is chemistry engineer who cannot find a job in Iran, so he is seeking a way to go abroad.

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  • Episode 2
  • 22:00
Iran’s first 2016 winter snowfalls

Excitement at Tehran Jurassic Park

Situated in the Iranian capital city of Tehran, Jurassic Park or the movable dinosaurs park is an educational, touristic and recreational park serving among other things as a great place for children.

Plug into Iran cinema through Ghazali

As the hub of Iranian cinema, Ghazali cinema town is home to various state and historic buildings as well as streets, and places for more than 100 years ago.